Denim On Denim Style: Men’s Fall 2023 Fashion Trend

Denim-tailored blazers, mixed-media straight jeans, and '90s-inspired workwear jackets - discover Brembati's new-era men's denim uniform for fall 2023.

Denim is literally the easiest addition to the daytime closet and suits everyone. But think about the double denim trend (also known as the Canadian tuxedo) and images of cowboys likely come to our minds. Almost everyone is familiar with the Western aesthetic (we can thank Ryan Gosling's iconic Ken in the hit movie "Barbie"), but lately, the denim-on-denim style has taken a chic turn in men's formal wear, too. This double-take of denim comes as no surprise given the recent rise of casual yet cool dressing where solid, everyday wardrobe essentials shine.


Head-to-toe denim is back!

After decades of going in and out of style, denim-on-denim has gone beyond classic cowboy jackets and 5-pocket jeans, and Brembati's designers have found more creative, elegant applications and finishes. Moved by this modern attitude, the men's collection by Brembati put forward an elevated and luxurious take on classic pieces, where denim was the star. Tailored blazers, 90's workwear jackets, elegant vests, and an assortment of jeans were crafted from dotted-stripe motif cotton denim with dark washes and aging techniques, channeling a casual and sleek vibe, while adding an artisanal edge.



How to style a total denim look?

Unlike other go-to materials such as cotton and wool, denim is often too bold when worn together and can make the wearer appear as though they’re trying hard. But when done well double denim can channel the kind of effortless American cool usually reserved for mid-century movie stars. The looks don’t have to be super relaxed - a pair of regular-cut jeans offers a slightly dressier feel, while the denim jacket is less formal and features front and chest pockets, referencing workwear attire. The loafers and leather belt complete the outfit, which is as appropriate for a fancy dinner reservation as it is a casual office environment.

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