Athleisure trend: menswear is sporty-chic for spring-summer 2022

Tracksuits, sweatshirts, joggers and t-shirts. The world of sport invades the men's collections for spring-summer 2022 with its dynamism and energy. 

Don't just call it sportswear. The real men's clothing trend for spring-summer 2022 is athleisure. The meaning of the word is the union of "athletic", sports, and "leisure", free time. If just until a few seasons ago the gym outfits were quite distinct from the classic casual ones for daily activities, today's look is somewhere in between: a little sporty, a little chic, but not only for working out. 

Leisure clothing dialogues with activewear, evolving into a men's wardrobe that is a crossover between a formal and informal style. A series of minimal and versatile garments in which the sporty aesthetic meets the urban one, maintaining a focus on attention to detail, the harmony of shapes and the quality of the materials. The choice is on soft fabrics such as pure cotton or functional fabrics such as nylon, perfect for physical performance but also to wrap the body during the day. 

Its strength is comfort, the desire shared by men of all ages to wear comfortable clothes, pleasant to the touch and gentle to the body to move freely all day long. The men's collections offer an alphabet of archetypal shapes that start from tracksuits to sweatshirts, from joggers to t-shirts, which adapt to the proportions and needs of male silhouettes. It is an invitation to action, dynamism and outdoor activities. Perfect for the new uniforms of urban men who make of movement their daily routine. 

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Focus is on men's joggers  

The garments that best represent this athleisure concept are trousers. In particular, the joggers style. During the past months of lockdown and remote working, everyone used to wear this garment 24 hours a day. But its success is also due to TikTok, a social network for Gen Zers where creators usually wear a pair of joggers to perform choreographies or launch virtual challenges. But it's not just a style choice dictated by online trends. 

The men’s joggers have a comfortable essence, represented by the elastic waistband or bottom of the leg, rather than the practical drawstring for a personalized fit. Not Found offers two essential versions  with a great attention to detail: a soft silhouette with a slightly low crotch for the pure white cotton model or a perfect fit for the structured design of nylon black joggers. 

It is not the most elegant of men's trousers, but with a trendy pattern or color it can become the protagonist of your summer outfits. Like the style of Running Fox, which chooses to revisit the sophisticated Prince of Wales motif, or Not Found, which focuses on bottle green shades. 

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But what to wear on top? Men's sweatshirts and hoodies! 

Hooded sweatshirts,  zip-up or graphic hoodies: few items like sweatshirts embody the concept of male comfort and freedom. Practical and versatile, they have become part of a daily wardrobe, far from the homely idea of ​​loungewear but as a new ideal of athleisure aesthetics. The favorite designs have in common fresh and soft fabrics, to which are added structural features such as a basic cut, a comfortable fit and functional details. 

We always start from pure styles in solid colors, like the classic mélange gray of Crossbred, up to the more sporty versions of Not Found equipped with hoods, drawstrings, zips, pockets and elasticized finishes. For those looking for a sober and essential look to combine with the sportiness of the piece, a crewneck sweatshirt is recommended. The college style is enriched by the brand’s logo and is revisited in a bottle green variant by Not Found and in an orange fluo nuance by Crossbred. 


From tracksuits to t-shirts: the new urban uniform 

Thanks ‘90s TV series revivals launched by Netflix in recent seasons, men’s tracksuits are back in fashion. But no longer in their classic gym looks, rather declined as true urban uniforms to wear both day and night; an essential piece for those who fully live the frenetic pace of the city. Style is perfectly calibrated with practicality: trendy coordinated sets perfect for outdoor leisure time or relaxing weekends out of town. 

The key piece that completes the street outfit is definitely the men's t-shirt. The choice is really wide: a simple white t-shirt or crewneck model by Civico 7 rather than a V-shaped design by Not Found, up to Crossbred logo t-shirts, digitally inspired ones by Running Fox or the essential look of the serafino design. Get inspired by our gallery and don't miss the athleisure men's must-haves of the new season.