Summer in the office: best selection of men's outfits to survive the hot weather

From light suits to comfortable trousers and essential polo shirts, here's what to wear to look stylish even in the office during the hottest time of the year 


Let's face it, finding new ideas for dressing up in these super hot days isn't easy. Especially when it comes to men's office outfits. Feeling at ease in a formal suit, having to follow a strict dress code, can indeed become a real daily challenge. 

Therefore, it is essential to choose lightweight but at the same time elegant garments, made of natural and breathable fabrics and which combine with each other in a simple way. The elegant men's suit loses weight and rigidity to accommodate soft materials and deconstructed designs, to be worn over a fresh linen shirt or an essential cotton polo shirt. Aesthetics but also practicality. The traveling factor in the city cannot be underestimated: a comfortable uniform is essential, designed for all professionals who reach their workplace every day by subway, by bike or - for the bravest - on foot. 

After having worked from home for a long period of time, many people have now returned to the office. For this reason, we would like to start by introducing our summer men's must-haves, in hopes of helping you answer the typical question: "what am I wearing today?" 


Brembati - blazer lino

Tailored men's suits with light fabrics  

Why give up the men's suit in the summer? To refresh even the most classic office look, simply opt for a cotton and linen design, with a soft hand and super comfortable fit. The jacket-pants duo is redesigned as a light and practical urban uniform, to be worn as a coordinated set or with a mismatched style. The men's blazer has a relaxed style and a soft fit given by the type of construction - without shoulder pads, pitting and internal lining - while, tailored trousers have a less tight fit and a cropped cut that guarantee greater freedom of movement. The color palette recalls the summer landscapes, from light blue to sand, to the striped pattern of Civico 7's marine inspiration. 


Relaxed fit chinos 

Protagonists of winter clothing, and now they are back for the summer: chinos are a must for the office as well. While maintaining a classic and formal allure, the trouser line takes a softer shape and is made with lightweight and high-performance fabrics - such as stretch cotton - to ensure maximum comfort all day long. From the Civico 7 sand color to the trendy military green Crossbred variant, opt for a garment that combines a workwear silhouette with sartorial-inspired details. 


Brembati pantaloni chino


Linen shirt or cotton polo shirt? 

Classic shirt versus casual polo, what is your favorite item for the office? The shirt is an essential piece of the male wardrobe, very fresh in pure linen and even with rolled up sleeves it maintains its natural elegance. Choose a less slim fit that does not constrict the body too much, in a delicate pastel shade or in the classic white Sea Loft style. On the other hand, the short-sleeved polo shirt much more practical, informal and trendy. It is the perfect synthesis between the comfort of a t-shirt and the formal look of a shirt, with the added charm of sportswear. Civico 7 focuses on a men's polo shirt with a smart casual design, thanks to the relaxed fit, the open camp collar and the cool, minimal shades typical of summer. 


A stylish alternative for the office: Short-sleeved bowling shirt 

Perhaps a slightly bold choice, but wearing a bowling shirt even in the office will give you the right energy and enthusiasm to face with style a meeting with a new client or attend a business event. Among the most elegant silhouettes of summer 2022, the shapes of the 40s and 50s are back for short-sleeved shirts, with wide Cuban necklines, defined pockets and oversized volumes to be worn in tailored trousers. But forget the usual tropical Elvis Presley-style pattern, summer shirts are also looking for new patterns: From the Crossbred logo-mania trend to the modern reinterpretation of Civico7's vintage vichy check motif, get inspired by our 2022 men's collections.