This Is Paint's partywear collections accentuate and emphasize women's beauty and individuality, expressed through both the precision in the cuts of his designs as well as the consistently reinvented volumes.

Whether it is the intricate aspect of a pleat, the sparkle of a sequin embroidery, or craftsmanship feather detail, the brand is renowned for its high precision and assertive sensuality.

The silhouettes featured in its garments are instantly recognizable and anchor its style at the crossroads between the culture of Italian fashion and the international influences that inspire it.

These creations seduce party girls from all over the world, who are all keen to embrace the aesthetic and signature looks of This Is Paint and shine at exceptional events.

<tc>Blazer monopetto in bouclé</tc><tc>Blazer monopetto in bouclé</tc>
Feather trimmed cotton sweatshirtFeather trimmed cotton sweatshirt
Round neck T-shirt with bowRound neck T-shirt with bow
Faux leather single-breasted blazer in BlackFaux leather single-breasted blazer in Black
<tc>Minigonna effetto laminato oro argento</tc><tc>Minigonna effetto laminato oro argento</tc>
<tc>Minigonna in similpelle nero</tc><tc>Minigonna in similpelle nero</tc>
<tc>Minigonna in bouclé con piume</tc><tc>Minigonna in bouclé con piume</tc>
Backless Sequin Minidress in PurpleBackless Sequin Minidress in Purple

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